ManyChat Text Messaging

Looking To Send Cheaper Text Messages?

I can setup your business with ManyChat SMS for a much lower cost per text!


Benefit of ManyChat SMS

ManyChat SMS is a messaging tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers/followers through text messaging. Text messaging has a higher open and response rate compared to other channels like email. Setting up ManyChat SMS will give you an increased reach to your industry.

Should I Switch to ManyChat?

There are plenty of text message providers in the industry. Some of which have made changes to their pricing structure that have left small businesses out in the dust. It's time to look at a solution that is much less expensive and still serves your customers.

How much will it cost?

  • One Time Setup Up  Fee: $250
    • Includes
      • Creating Your ManyChat Account
      • Applying for New SMS Phone Number
      • Creating 1 inbound text automation
      • Creating 1 outbound broadcasting automation
      • Testing
      • 1 hour of support (a $75 value)
  • ManyChat Pro is a monthly fee based upon number of subscribers, starting at $15.
  • .079 cents per incoming and outgoing text.
  • 2 cents per incoming or outgoing media text. 
  • Phone Number Fee per month
  • Carrier charges per text, varies per carrier